Elix Vitamin C

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Face cream with Vitamin C

Elix Vitamin C cream is a cream with rich texture for the face, neck and décolleté, ideal for mature, dehydrated complexities with discolourations.

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Product description

With a unique combination of Green Tea, Olive leaves and Orange plant extracts, rich in vitamin A, B and C, minerals and flavonoids, with the active ingredient O.D.A., offers multiple actions, as it gradually (2 months) reduces discolourations (pigment spots) and restores the even colour and the glow of the complexion, while at the same time protects against the formation of free radicals and the ageing of the skin. Hyaluronic acid mixed with wheat oil rich in vitamins A, E and D, lecithin and protein deeply nourishes mature and tired skin, helping to renew dermal tissue, providing hydration and leaving it velvety and smooth. Suitable for every skin type. Does not contain Parabens // Polyethylene Glycol // Pigments // Silicones.


Apply the cream daily to clean the face and neck, and with smooth circular strokes, massage gently until it is absorbed.


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