Elix Bronze 10 SPF

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Tan accelerator

Tanning gel with an SPF 10 offering low protection against solar radiation.

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Product description

With a rich synthesis of Carrot and Sesame oil, it increases normally melamine, offers quick and gradual tanning, while the combination of Calendula, Soy, Almond, Mastiha and Coconut oil protects the skin, offers rich antioxidant action and moisturizes the skin in depth. A quick, safe and long-lasting tanning gel. For every skin type, suitable for dark skin prototypes. Does not contain Parabens // Polyethylene Glycol // Pigments // Silicones.


Apply on the whole body, avoiding the eye area, 30 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat every two hours, or after contact with water.


150 ml



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